We are 703 Creative

We believe the world can be made a better place with good design. Good design starts with knowing the audience and that's why 703 Creative puts so much effort into research and user experience design.

703 Creative began in 2008 as a side project for Michael Williamson. Michael started designing software interfaces in 1995 and continues designing interfaces and user experiences to this day. During his career, Michael spent most of his time consulting and contracting for Fortune 500 companies and larger organizations. Michael’s new passion is to bring his experience and expertise to small businesses; giving them access to good design.

“We can make the world better through good design.” — Michael Williamson

Karen has been running offices and assisting professionals since 1995. When it comes down to business, nobody is on the ball more than she is. Karen joined the 703 Creative team part time in the beginning and still plays a critical role in making sure the right things get done. 

“Good organization is the key to any organization.”—Karen