User Experience Design

If you want to build a website, software, mobile app, or any product, the best way to produce the best product with the best return on investment is to begin with User Experience Design. User Experience Design is a research-based approach to producing delightful products. 

Our Process

We begin with research

User Experience Design depends on knowing the user, personifying the user and designing to the user. To do this, we conduct studies of your user and potential audience. We conduct user interviews, ethographic studies and public surveys. Our aim is to apply Alan Cooper’s Goal Directed Design.

Then we design and test the design

Researching your users will give us a persona. That persona will help us create wireframes and workflows. These wireframes and workflows can be tested with users to create a design validation.

Then we create high fidelity mock-ups

With the designs validated, we’ll create high-fidelity mock-ups to show you what your software, mobile app or website will look like. These mock-ups serve as the benchmark that we aim for during implementation

Then we implement

From the high-fidelity mock-ups, we then begin implementation. This if fundamental software engineering and is completed to the requirements you give us. Utlimately, we will build software that serves the user, but in doing so, the software will serve you better.

Take a look at a case study

The case study for James Divine shows the process in more detail.

Case Study

Have Questions?

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