Norman Doors

We’ve talked before of Affordance, a term created by the esteemed Donald Norman. He is also famous for a phenomenon called, “Norman Doors.” They are unfortunately named after him because, once you recognize them, you’ll see them everywhere and remember Donald Norman.

Norman Door |nɔrmən dɔr|


1) A door, that upon appearance, doesn’t quickly convey how it is to be opened

2) “Do I push this thing or pull it?”

Examples (Beware, you can’t un-see this)

You are going to start finding these everywhere.

Your brain says, pull, but physics says, “push sukkuh!”


Grab that handle and… wait, what’s the handle for?


It’ll get you coming and going.


Which way do these open?


Ummm, wut?


So, now that you know what a Norman Door is, send me pictures (big grin)