Branding and Identity Design

Your business has an identity. We can make sure that your identity has the right impact on your customers and potential customers. We’ll help you by creating a distinctive logo combined with color and messaging that makes your business identity memorable and engaging.

Our Process

We begin with research

We start with a brand study. Depending on your needs, this could be a simple survey of customers, or an in-depth analysis of your customers combined with your potential audience.

Then we design

Using the results of the research, we begin designing a brand. This includes a color palette, a message, logo type and/or a logo mark. This design is based on appealing to the audience we researched, but we also want to make sure you are pleased with it.

Then we iterate

We’ll start with 2 different sketches of our designs. Once you’ve decided which direction to go in, we’ll produce higher fidelity sketches with any revisions you think are necessary. Finally, we’ll produce a high-quality final composition for your approval. The logo and palette will ulimately be delivered to you with a variety of file formats for your various needs.

Take a look at a case study

The case study for James Divine shows the process in more detail.

Case Study

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